Eraj Rostaqi

Eraj Rostaqi

Parliamentary Candidate For Hammersmith & Chiswick Constituency

About Eraj

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan and raised amidst the vibrant culture of the United Kingdom, Eraj is a passionate advocate for liberal democratic principles and a firm believer in fostering a fair and inclusive society.

Since joining Lib Dems in 2018, he has dedicated his time and energy as a local activist, playing a pivotal role in advancing the party's values. Notably, Eraj emerged as a fierce campaigner against Brexit, championing the cause with unwavering dedication.

Residing in Chiswick with his wife and young daughter, Eraj brings a wealth of expertise to the table as an economic and finance professional and as an entrepreneur with focus in impowering local services. Eraj is a strong supporter of local businesses, recognising their importance in community growth and development.