Hounslow Liberal Democrats relies on donations from its members and supporters to help fund the local party and compete against the well-funded Conservatives.

Hounslow needs real change! Our Council has been let down by politicians on both sides of the political divide.  Labour has taken residents for granted and don't listen.  We need new representation in our communities.

We have a great opportunity in next May's local elections to win and send our first Liberal Democrat councillors to Hounslow town hall for many years. We are not waiting until next year to start campaigning - we've started already.

That is why we need your help. We are aiming to get monthly leaflets out in our key wards and to survey residents so that we understand their needs.

Your money will help me and my team keep fighting for our area. Every penny counts - and London's never needed change more.

To give some examples of how far your donation could go...

£10 could help us to boost our social media campaign

£40 could fund 1,000 leaflets to inform local residents about what we are doing to address the issues they care about

£50 will buy digital advertising to reach 10,000 more voters across Hounslow

£108 could fund the direct mailing of 500 letters to key voters

£500 could fund personally addressed letters to cover a whole ward within a constituency


Any donations, however large or small, would be much appreciated - can you help by donating to our fund?