Kuldev Sehra

About Kuldev

I am a Councillor in Whitton and a local activist. I have lived in West London for over 40 years and I care deeply about our community, its diversity and its values.

I have been a West London resident since 1982. I am married and have grown up children. For the last 30 years I have worked locally as a Financial Adviser serving West London. I am a senior Financial Planner and have helped numerous households struggling with the cost of living crisis.

I am also actively involved in the local community, I help local charities including those for the homeless, senior citizens and disabilities. I am a trustee for a Community Centre and work closely with local Business Associations, I am also a school governor. I am committed to strengthening bonds in our local communities through being a member of the Interfaith Forums.


My work as a councillor

I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in my time as a Councillor. I regularly work with MPs and many elected local government officials from boroughs all over West London so I know how to get things done. I also help a number of non-governmental organisations, a wide range of businesses and the local Chamber of Commerce.

Some of my achievements include:

Fly-tipping - I organised a scheme to address fly-tipping and littering

Safer streets – I set up a Community Roadwatch Scheme with the local police. To make roads safer, especially for school children and the elderly

Tackling anti-social behaviour – A housing estate was plagued with crime and unruly behaviour. I engaged the police’s Safer Neighbourhood Teams and set up a Residents’ Association. This made a vast improvement.

Ward surgeries – I organise and hold monthly walk-in sessions where local residents can come to me and talk about their concerns. I help them solve matters which include everything from planning issues to benefit claims and parking and crime. 

My 3 main priorities

Cleaner and Safer streets  - I will use my experience as a Councillor to help make residents proud to live in Hounslow. I will work with the local Police and the council to tackle fly-tipping and improve the quality of our roads and public spaces. I would increase police engagement with local communities with the aim of rooting out anti-social behaviour and crime.

Better provision of local services  - There has been a decline in everything from being able to get GP appointments and healthcare. Meanwhile education budgets have been slashed such that our schools and hospitals are under immense strain. I will work with the council to raise standards across all aspects of the quality of life for residents in Hounslow.

Making Hounslow great again  - Years of general neglect have made matters worse for residents all over Hounslow. Our local hard-working people and business are struggling to cope with challenging times. I will ensure they get the support and guidance they need against the current cost of living pressures