Don’t let Boris get away with it


Local Liberal Democrats are calling on local voters to send a message to Boris Johnson that the lying has to stop. While you obeyed the lockdown rules he partied at Number 10.

A Prime Minister who has committed a criminal offence should resign. But Boris doesn’t believe the rules apply to him. He never has and never will.

Tory Justice Minister Lord Wolfson resigned because of what the Prime Minister did. In his resignation letter, he said he had come to ‘the inevitable conclusion that there was repeated rule-breaking, and breaches of the criminal law and that the scale, context and nature of those breaches mean that it would be inconsistent with the rule of law for that conduct to pass with constitutional impunity".

If you don’t believe us then read this independent web site edited by Peter Oborne:

Lord Wolfson is right. Johnson’s lies can’t be allowed to pass unchallenged. A vote for the Tories will allow Boris to carry on as he always has.

Send him a message on May 5th and vote Lib Dem.

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