Better Street Lighting

Chiswick Liberal Democrats have been listening to local residents who tell us they need better street lighting at night. Many people in Chiswick work late-night shifts or walk home after an evening out. Well-lit streets make people feel safe. Residents have told us they do not want to travel or walk around on their own. We are campaigning on your behalf to get Hounslow Council to provide well-lit routes to reduce risks and improve safety at night.


Lib Dem Chiswick Gunnersbury candidate Jo Guppy says, "Chiswick, our home, should feel safe regardless of the time of day. Poorly lit streets and dark spots make us feel vulnerable. Properly lit streets reduce the chance of serious incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour in our community."

Air pollution is an invisible enemy threatening our community. It kills thousands of people every year and affects the quality of life for all of us. If elected, we pledge to implement measures which will improve Chiswick’s air quality. We will:

  • Invest in adequate air quality monitoring, so problem areas can be properly investigated and appropriate action taken.
  • Work with TfL to make greener modes of transport more attractive and introduce new or extended bus routes.
  • Make streets safer and more welcoming for pedestrians, cyclists and bus users so ensure they have better options, especially for short journeys of less than a mile.


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